Pomona Locksmith offers a variety of complete ways to secure a home when you need it.

Sleeping in the comfort of your house is one of the best things you need to pay attention. Studies show skimping on sleep can cause concentration problems, drowsiness, and irritable mood that affect in everyday life and work. Before that, we need to ensure that the place we live in sleep was safe for thieves and criminals. Our Pomona Locksmith service includes re-keying doors and home lockout. Property management solving door lock, deadbolts, hinges, and all door hardware.

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Business premises are a source of income; many valuables items computer, legal documents, and cash need to secure from thieves. Pomona Locksmith offers a variety of tools and materials to protect your property. Our professional and licensed technicians are happy to serve you.

Stablishments like Schools, Office, and Buildings Pomona Locksmith make keys and install lock for the drawers, office cabinets, school lockers, etc. All project has a warranty and free estimate, no hassle for a hidden fee.



We provide service for the following vehicles

Please read first: Base on the model you provide, our system search for appropriate data for the keys set up in your car. I highly suggested contacting the Pomona Lock Smith representative for farther information.

Pomona Locksmith Provide following:

Vehicles List

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Pomona Locksmith os licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith over 25 years pf experience. Staff are fully trained to give safety and conveniece service to our customers. We offer Automotive, Residential, and Commercial service. Call now and get a free estimate!


Using computerize prorramming device. It easy to makea a copy of any type of car key. Emergency lockout service come to rescue and get you new keys at time


We offer variety of complete way to secure your home, when you need new lock installed or addtional high security lock to prevent potential worries.


Alarm system sometimes are not enough for protecting business for unknown burglar was crucial. Therefore putting strong locks on your business establishment to prevent from being bulglary and thieves.

Vehicle Lists

acura Accura
altaRomeo Alta Romeo
audi Audi
Bently Bently
bugatti Bugatti
Buick Buick
cadillac Cadillac
Chevrolet Chevrolet
Chrysler Chrysler
dodge Dodge
ferrari Ferrari
ford Ford
Honda Honda
Hyundai Hyundai
infiniti Infiniti
jaguar Jaguar
Jeep Jeep
Kia Kia
LandRover Land Rover
lexus Lexus
Maserati Maserati
Mazda Mazda
Mini Mini
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi
Nissan Nissan
Ram Ram
Subaru Subaru
Toyota Toyota
volkswagen Volkswagen
Volvo Volvo